November Landscape

Only a lone crow

breaks the chill silence

sensing perhaps

as autumn fades

that winter’s wait is over

its time has come.



Author: Paul Kleiman

Academic, researcher, writer, musician, gardner, narrowboat owner, dog owner, cat servant

2 thoughts on “November”

  1. Dear Paul!
    How are You?
    Just recently I have been very inspired by a germany biologist and brain searcher, Mr. Gerald Hüther, and I wonder, if You might know his published work and, if yes, what You think of it?
    Mir ganz herzlichen Grüßen
    aus Berlin von Jeannette

    1. Dear Jeannette,
      How lovely to hear from you!
      Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Prof. Hüther. I hadn’t heard of him, but a quick glance at his work tells me that I must acquaint myself with it further.
      I am very well, and keeping busy. I’ve just returned from a week’s work in Hong Kong at the Academy for Performing Arts. A bit like the LIPA of the Far East!

      Later this month Jo and I will be driving around the whole of Iceland and then on to Canada to visit her father, who is 97, and the rest of her family.

      I hope all is good with you.
      With warmest regards

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